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To RC Course Providers:

Notice:  As a course provider registered and recognized by ACAC, we want to alert you to upcoming changes.
Background:  ACAC has always been involved in promoting programs that provide professional development by registering and listing them on the ACAC website.  Our certificants found the list of registered programs helpful.  You found listing courses with ACAC a great marketing advantage.  The registry list has grown to more than 150 offerings.
Problem:  The problem with this free registry became painfully obvious as we watched the list grow.  We don't know which registered programs are “good” or “bad” because we neither audit the courses nor survey course attendees. 
Solution:  To address our concerns, we are about to launch the new ACAC Accredited Learning Program.  Accreditation is acknowledgement by an independent third-party organization that stated guidelines have been met.  The program does exactly what its name says – it accredits learning programs.
Benefit to Student:  Those looking for credible educational programs will be assured that courses with ACAC accreditation teach to the advertised learning objectives.
Benefit to You:  Those listed on our website and displaying the ACAC Accredited Learning Program logo will find a new marketing opportunity.   
Action:  The ACAC search engine and website page known as RC Courses will be deleted on October 1st.  We are going to automatically "accredit" and list those courses, which we previously registered as RC Courses, for the balance of 2012 without fees under two conditions.
1.  You must submit a grandfathering application prior to October 1st.
2.  You must provide us with student information so we can survey your courses.
Result:  Those courses in compliance with the accreditation guidelines as of October 1st will continue to be listed on the new Accredited Learning Program (ALP) website during 2012.  Those who have grandfathered into the ALP will be granted a 50% discount for 2013.
Conclusion:  All accreditation guidelines, policies and fees are explained on our new website.  See and
We respect your comments and suggestions.  Please don't hesitate to give us a call or email if you have questions.
Charlie Wiles, ACAC Executive Director
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