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The Clock is Ticking!

Mold work in the State of Maryland requires a license.  To be eligible for licensing, individuals must hold an ACAC certification.  Maryland will begin enforcing their mold law on July 1st.  The problem:  Getting certification isn't an instant process - so start now.

Licensing vs. Certification

The Council for Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB) clarifies the differences between licensing and certification.  Additionally, they provide definitions for accreditation, certification and certificates as used in the engineering and scientific specialties field.

Just Published

The American Lung Association has released "The Standard of Care for the New Hampshire Mold Industry - A Guide for Citizens Affected by Mold and Moisture in New Hampshire Buildings."  This document guides consumers toward those who hold ACAC certifications.

2013 Executive Meeting

Every year the ACAC holds an executive meeting - a meeting at which more than one hundred board members come together to set policies, conduct pyschometric exam reviews and address industry issues important to our certificants.  In past years, those present have represented more than 26 states and 1200 years of IAQ-related experience.

Did You Know?

We have an entirely new webpage that lists many of the things that make ACAC a unique organization!

Have a very prosperous New Year!  

Charlie Wiles, executive director

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