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Questions to Ask…

Can my company or franchiser offer in-house courses for your certifications? 

Sure!  Ask them to contact us.  ACAC provides full documentation of exam reference texts, examination topics and other materials to help companies prepare their employees for ACAC certification – all at no charge.

I’ve been in the business for years – do I need an accredited certification? 

Yes.  Professional, accredited credentials set you apart from those with training certificates.

I have field experience – do I have to take a course to become certified? 

No.  ACAC certifications require no training courses of any kind (although we recommend study and/or review courses to prepare you for our examinations).  Industry knowledge and verified field experience are the only necessary qualifications.

I am not a member of any industry association – does certification require membership? 

No.  ACAC certifications are available to all experienced and knowledgeable professionals.  ACAC is not affiliated with any industry association. 

I can’t afford to attend conferences – does certification require attendance at conferences? 

No.  ACAC certificants choose their own professional development activites. 

Isn’t accredited certification expensive? 

No.  ACAC certification fees average $150 per year – about 40 cents a day.  ACAC certification fees have not changed for more than a decade. 

I don’t have a college degree – do I have to have one to become certified? 

No.  Industry knowledge and verified field experience are the only qualifications necessary for ACAC certifications.  Our certification boards grant credit for college classes in the sciences, but they are not required for any ACAC certification.

I’m tired of taking the same courses every year – are refresher courses required? 

No.  ACAC certificants choose their own professional development activities.  No training or specific refresher courses are ever required.  

Charlie Wiles, executive director

American Council for Accredited Certification

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