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ACAC has always awarded its certifications using a board of your peers.  We have more than 100 board members experienced in your field.  They decide who is qualified by knowledge and experience to possess an ACAC certification - not staff members.  The vote to award an ACAC certification must be unanimous.

So, are you ready for the question?  Who decided to award your non-ACAC credential?  Expect to be asked that question during your next deposition.

Conflicts of Interest

Mold laws existing in several states - and proposed in others - prohibit companies from providing both assessment and remediation on the same project within a one-year period.

Accredited ACAC programs require field experience; however, we will not accept projects submitted with certification applications if the candidate has provided both assessment and remediation on the same project.  At a minimum, we consider it a perceived conflict of interest to conduct both assessment and remediation on the same project.


ACAC has a number of specialty certifications.  If you need a credible crendential to market yourself and you specialize in one of the following areas, we'd be glad to assist you in becoming an ACAC certificant.

  • Indoor Environments
  • Mold/Microbial
  • Infection Control
  • IR Thermography
  • Structural Drying
  • IAQ Management

Charlie Wiles, executive director

American Council for Accredited Certification

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