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Outrageous Fees!  Please note that we have added New Jersey to the licensing section on our website. NJ requires an indoor environmental consultant license for care centers and educational facilities.  The nonrefundable license fee is $2,000 and consulting reports must be submitted to the state - another fee of $1,500. see

Easy Recertification - More fact sheets have just been added to the easiest, least expensive way to update and expand your knowledge base for recertification of your ACAC certifications.  Many of the publications are free, and validating credits for reading them simply involves taking a short online exam.  Take a minute to check out the many interesting topics at

Specifications Modified - One of our ACAC certificants was recently successful in getting a school’s request for proposal for indoor air quality to include infectious diseases.  The specifications require contractor employees with expertise in the fundamental principles of environmental infection control and must receive ACAC’s Council-certified Environmental Infection Control certification within six (6) months after contract award.

His Bad!  Industry professionals, consumers and insurance companies routinely make inquiry about a professional’s credentials.  Unfortunately, one such inquiry by an insurance company recently uncovered an individual who not only was claiming ACAC certification, but had deliberately altered another person’s certificate, making it appear as though it had been issued to him.  Copies of those altered documents have been included as part of a formal consumer fraud complaint with the state attorney general against this person.

Fire & Smoke Damage Certifications - ACAC established an ad hoc steering committee to study and make recommendations for our new Fire and Smoke Damage certifications.  These elite committee members have satisfied many of the accreditation requirements during their meetings.  We hope to have the certifications ready for those who investigate fire and smoke damage before the end of summer.

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