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Grandfathering Programs

The Council-certified Indoor Air Quality Assistant Manager (CIAQAM) is for those who influence indoor air quality decisions, especially in commercial settings.  The application is at

The Council-certified Emergency Operations Coordinator (CEOC), Council-certified Emergency Operations Manager (CEOM) and Council-certified Emergency Operations Professional (CEOP) are for those who respond to emergencies prior to the arrival of first responders.  This application is at

Apply now before the grandfathering period ends!

Professional Webpages

ACAC recently rolled out Professional webpages for our certificants.  These webpages are listed on the ACAC website.  Clicking on the ACAC certificant’s name brings up a new window with your name in the browser’s tab.  Check it out at It’s a great marketing tool at $30 a year!

New Company Webpages

Brand new and available now!  Company webpages for those companies employing ACAC certified individuals.  Another impressive, inexpensive way to market your company at only $60 a year!  Check it out at

Doing Expert Testimony?

ACAC has another brand new program for ACAC certificants who want to provide expert testimony.  Attorneys will quickly spread the word about this unique listing of credentialed experts available to assist and support their litigation cases.  Check it out at

Continuing Education

ACAC has published even more new RC Online Exams on our website for a quick, easy and inexpensive way to meet the requirements for continuing ACAC professional development.

Charlie Wiles, ACAC executive director

American Council for Accredited Certification

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