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All good things come to an end – even the grandfathering period for two very popular credentials recently established by the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC).

The Council-certified Indoor Air Quality Assistant Manager (CIAQAM) grandfather period ends on July 31st.

The CIAQAM designation identifies professionals who have positions that influence property, asset or risk management or corporate policy making related to indoor air quality.

The Council-certified Emergency Operations Coordinator (CEOC), Council-certified Emergency Operations Manager (CEOM) and the Council-certified Emergency Operations Professional (CEOP) grandfather period also end on July 31st.

The CEOC, CEOM and CEOP designations identifies those who participate in or prepare for incidents where first responders from government agencies would be expected to arrive. Examples include earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, major fires, major floods, mud slides, terrorist attacks, nuclear disasters, riots, pandemics and active shooter Incidents.  Each program designation refers to one’s field experience.

Applications for grandfathering into the above programs must be completed online or postmarked on or before July 31st.

Grandfathering applications receive a waiver of examination fees and requirements.

For more information, please see homepage or call our staff – they are there to assist you.

Charlie Wiles, executive director

American Council for Accredited Certification

Post Office Box 1000, Yarnell, AZ 85362


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