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Report to ACAC Board Members:

The 2017 ACAC Executive Meeting went well last week - more than 40 board members attended, representing 842 years of field experience.

This ACAC Executive Meeting was structured differently from past meetings.  Like past meetings, Charlie started with reporting the statistical data from 2016 – number of new certifications, examination pass ratios, etc.

After the morning break, Adam took over and moved into discussions regarding current ACAC offerings and potential changes to programs, program fees, auditing procedures, hosted webpages, our website format and much more.

The entire afternoon was dedicated to open discussion regarding the ACAC branding and potential revenue streams.  Those present discussed everything from the topics previously submitted by those absent to the potential services that we, as a credentialing body, could add for our certificants.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who attended – the discussion periods were both enjoyable and productive.

Charlie Wiles, ACAC Exec Director

American Council for Accredited Certification

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